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My greatest fear before doing Paul’s course was speaking in public, just the thought of speaking out loud to even friends frightened me. Maybe it’s his easy style or his absolute confidence in each of us, but even I cannot believe I managed to deliver a short presentation in front of a group of people I’d never met.

What Paul did for me went beyond just speaking skills. He’s taught a new way of looking at challenges. Decide what you must do. Understand why and seek out skilled assistance. I left with the confidence and knowledge to design a short presentation which I still use almost a year later to market my business.

Oh and did I mention that Paul is hilarious? His training sessions are fun, in-depth and made personal. – Ashley Petherick  - Trainee Coach and Wanna be TV presenter.



I’ve been a public speaker for some time, but never had the impact I felt my story deserved. Paul changed that. He explained the best way to structure my presentations for maximum impact and how to really deal with those dreaded questions from the audience. Right now I’m loving the standing ovations. Even a seasoned vet can benefit from Paul's course. – Adam Evans – PD Champion Chiswick


Paul worked over a six month period with our group of ladies to help them structure and deliver a representation to their local council. His before and after video tell the true tale. Needless to say the Council members had no idea what hit them and only had the highest praise for the team. Thanks to Paul the project go it’s funding. – Emma Ryan Community adviser Croydon