"Finish what you begin" - Lesson 27

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The Author

Paul  is a coach, motivational speaker, trainer and a Father. His entertaining and witty presentations cover a diversity of topics including leadership, Race, Personal Development and Parenthood. Paul’s long experience as a trainer, member and Trustee for two of London’s finest mentoring organisations, The 100 Black men of London and Urban Synergy, explains why his views on Coaching, Mentoring and Parenthood are considered by many as among the most important and influential. Additionally, Paul makes regular appearances as a pundit on BBC Radio London and has appeared on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. Paul also finds time to take part in live debates for the Diaspora Debating Society. 

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The Book

If you are looking for a comprehensive, step by step guide to raising boys then 101 Lessons I Taught My Son, is not the book for you. 101 Lessons is a quote based personal development tool which offers practical and direct guidance to the lessons of one father to his son. These lessons should be seen as the core requirements in the development of any child, not just boys. How you deliver the lessons is best decided upon by you the parent as you no doubt will tailor your parenting style to suit the child and their environment. 

Paul looks at areas such as Sex, Race, Love, Habits and Work in this easy to read pocket size masterpiece. This is a book not just to be read, but to be shared with anyone you know working to influence the adults of tomorrow.


My Son

Kaream, now 24 is doing an International Business degree. Kaream is a keen and accomplished  basketball player.